EOS Data Analytics launches first true agro-focused satellite constellation

EOS launches 7 optical satellites into a Low Earth Orbit by 2025. The constellation is equipped with 11 agri-related bands, which makes it the first ever agriculture-oriented satellite monitoring project.

Our Vision

Concept of EOS SAT Constellation

  • The world's first agri-focused satellite constellation, among companies utilizing remote sensing technologies
  • 7 optical satellites
  • Sun-synchronous orbits with a 5-6 days revisit to cover all agricultural regions
  • Revisit of the target area of any country within 24 hours every single day on tasking
  • System Requirements Review
  • Design Review
  • Test Readiness Review
  • Flight & Operations Readiness Review
  • 1st EOS SAT launch
  • Next 3 EOS satellites launch
  • Next 3 EOS satellites launch
  • Full Operations Capability**
** with the possibility of constellation expansion
Our Satellites

Technical Characteristics

Reference Orbit



170 kg

Orbit Average Power

140 W

Bus Voltage

24.5 V - 33.6 V

Design lifetime

5-7 years

Constellation deployment


GSD (Ground Sample Distance), Resolution

Panchromatic 1.5 m / Multispectral 2.8 m

Swath width

Dual cameras with increased swath range from 20 km to 40 km

Spectral bands

11 Bands: RGB, 2 NIR Channels, 3 RedEdge, WaterVapor, Aerosol, Pan

Pointing Control Accuracy

Better than 0.01 degrees (3-sigma)

Our Product

Satellite-as-a-Service for agro purposes



Vegetation indices, Soil moisture, Growth stages, Weather risks, Data manager, Fertility scripting


RGB+NIR with high spatial resolution



Land cover & Land use, Crop classification, Field boundaries detection, Yield prediction, Harvest status monitoring, Cloud mask generation


Multi-Spectral sensors with SWIR channel



Virtual Farm, Farm Digital Twin Agro-Simulator

A virtual farm is a digital model of your farm's operation in near real time, built on an in-depth data analytics. Here, you can track field activities across all your fields at a time - spot and prevent threats, optimize key resources, perform effectively as a decision-maker


2 step + expertise (symbiosis of data engineers, data scientists, agronomists, etc.)

Our Platform

Our Platform integrates multiple data sources to provide you with actionable insights

Our innovative EOSDA solutions will improve decision-making and take your business to the next level

EOS Platform
  • ​​Banking and Loan Institutions
  • Input Suppliers
  • Ag Tech
  • Insurance companies
  • Food producers
  • Governments
  • Other
Our Benefits

Benefits of using our unique satellite data

Complete cycle of acquisition and processing of satellite data

Сomplete history of images and indexes from all 7 satellites

Unique set of agro spectral channels that integrates with gold standard satellites

Market insights on a global scale

Exclusive data ownership in a certain territory

Better coverage for all countries with small-area fields

Exact estimation of the next satellite availability

Expansion to new markets


Vertical integration logic


  • Satellite & payload manufacturing
  • Satellites Launch
  • Space engineering and imager products

Satellite's Assembly and Launch

Manufacturing, assembling and launching satellites

Independent, high-quality data

Manufacturing and integration of EO satellites through tasking or continuous monitoring


  • Mission control center
  • Data acquisition & storage

Receiving and Processing stations

Acquisition of imagery, by operating EO satellites through tasking or continuous monitoring


  • Data processing
  • Data fusion
  • Algorithms & analytics
  • Product & services

Solutions and software

Processing raw imagery into a usable data format

Quality business insights

Processed imagery transformed into advanced products & services for specific end-users

End users

  • Farmers
  • Input Suppliers
  • Ag Tech
  • InsurTech
  • Trading
  • FinTech
  • Telecom

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