A New Satellite Constellation Tracking Changes on Earth

About Constellation

The very first true agricultural-purposed satellites
7 Optical satellites provide imagery of vast areas and create vegetation maps
Sun-synchronous orbits providing rapid revision capability
Revisiting target areas in any country within 24 hours upon tasking
Top level performance of satellite bus
100 kg
Design lifetime
5 years
  • accuracy
not worse 0.01 °
  • stability
not worse 0.005 °/sec
Top level performance of optical payload
GSD (Ground Sample Distance)
Panchromatic 1.4 m / Multispectral 2.8 m
Spectral bands of 7 channels
Panchromatic, Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red edge, NIR (Near Infrared)
Swath width
40 km

Leveraging the EOS SAT Constellation

Principal features
Proprietary satellite data
  • Variable-rate application mapping and prescriptions for seeds and fertilizers
  • Prevention of disease, anomalies, and weather risks
  • Soil moisture modeling for better irrigation planning and drought risk mitigation
  • Yield prediction for agile resource use and data-driven decision-making
  • Harvest monitoring to remotely measure field productivity
  • Automated scouting that generate insights beyond human range
  • Biomass assessment for precision farming implementations
  • Farming season plan management (Plan vs Actuals)
  • Notification system (process malfunctions, weather risks, biomass deviation, etc.)
  • Revisit time is 5 to 7 times better than public data sources
  • Resolution is 2-8 times better than freely available data
  • Possibility of tasking for near real-time monitoring
  • Proprietary data for in-house agriculture models
  • Exclusivity rights for specific areas
  • Better coverage for all countries, even those with small field areas
  • Date prediction for updated satellite image availability
  • Identifying new market expansion opportunities (insurance, trading)

Our Vision The Rich Benefits of Merging A Proprietary Analytics Platform with Satellite Data


  • Proprietary
  • Data
  • Equipment
  • Historical yield data
  • Weather data
  • Soil types

Our platform


  • Farmers
  • Input suppliers
  • Ag tech
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Trading
  • Other

History & roadmap


EOSDA was founded by Max Polyakov

On-the-fly, real-time EO imagery processing and analytics service
Complete field parcel data solution
  • field monitoring
  • weather data
  • zoning
  • scouting
  • notifications
2018 - 2022
Developments of unique deep learning models
  • сlassification
  • clusterization
  • masking of irrelevant objects
  • boundaries of homogenous objects
  • soil moisture
  • yield prediction
Proprietary EOS Satellite Launch Early 2022
  • 1st EOS SAT launch
2022 - 2025

EOS SAT constellation

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